At Renew22, our goal is to simplify and connect. Bringing a combined 30+ years of experience across solar, real estate development, and finance, our partners are bridging the gap between these entities to create innovative investment opportunities right here in Minnesota.

Our Mission

We believe that the most valuable business opportunities combine strong economic returns with environmental and social benefits. Thus, our mission is to connect individuals to tax-advantaged renewable energy opportunities, resulting in strong economic returns that support the transition to 100% sustainable energy by the 22nd century.

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The thing I like best about Renew22 is that they make it possible for investors like us to participate. The world needs a lot of investment in renewables, and a lot of investors want to be part of the energy transition. Renew22 is providing a unique opportunity in expanding access, and in building opportunities that connect capital to projects that are urgently needed.
— Mary Ann Cunningham, Renew22 client

Services we provide

Financial Sponsorship

  • We leverage our lender relationships to facilitate developer financing.

  • We do this through a combination of guarantees, collateralized bank loans, and direct lending.

Cost Oversight

  • We use our industry knowledge to help developers select the most reliable and cost effective components and contractors.

  • As hands-on partners, we help ensure that projects stay on track, and partner to solve inevitable challenges.

Matching Buyers with sellers

  • We tap into our networks to bring qualified buyers to developers.

  • We advise buyers on the buying process, including pricing, financing, and inverted lease structures.

Asset Management

  • We bring deep experience in property management to provide high quality site and subscription management.

  • This enables our developer partners to focus on what they do best, and provides peace of mind to buyers.